Rose Mc Gowan

"the princess of darkness"

by Violaine

a site in english and in french



"We went to this bar and she started dancing really sexy dancing to Iron Maiden, which I thought, if a girl can dance to Iron Maiden, this is the girl that I'm going to be with forever. "

Marilyn Manson



Rose is a talented actress, and a very excentic woman, a little different and who likes not the same things than the others...Her room in the set of Charmed looks like a maison close from china, with photos of Elvis and Beetlejuice on the wall...In her interviews, she seems to be very funny and intelligent. Incredibly beautiful, she appears too as the sex-symbol with a broken engagement to the rocker Marilyn Manson, she has a dark image, near to the occult and the gothic weirdness. Now, She's a witch in Charmed.


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